Feasibility Assessment

When assessing the feasibility of any project, we utilize our engineers and environmental scientists to serve as a check and balance system, which allows us to truly evaluate the feasibility of pursuing a given project with a holistic approach. It is sometimes in a client’s best interest not to move forward with a project as initially planned due to potential engineering risks or environmental issues or simply due to funding constraints. DMC designs and manages projects in such a way that the benefits significantly outweigh the costs.

Public Engagement & Consensus Building

DMC professionals often play a vital role in public education and consensus building to keep projects on track and moving forward to completion. We are affiliated with a wide variety of professional organizations and undergo constant continuing education training to keep up to date on the latest methods and product trends. This professional development combined with years of technical experience allows us to inform project stakeholders and educate the general public about construction activities occurring in their own local area.

Identifying Funding & Grant Sources

Under any market condition it is critical for our municipal clients to seek as much funding as possible to maintain or improve its infrastructure. DMC is well poised to assist our clients not only in seeking other funding sources, but leveraging their funds with other grants to secure the needed funding. We have and continue to assist clients seek relevant grants, prepare the necessary grant documentation, make any presentations, secure funding and administer the grant. Once grants are secured, DMC will report to funding agencies to fulfill their requirements and manage the funds through project closeout.

Bid Preparation & Management

DMC provides plans and technical specifications tailored to each project. We assist with advertising the bid, prepare a complete bid package for our clients and assist with pre-bid meetings, including answering any contractor questions through an addendum, if needed. We also provide our clients a list of contractors that are capable of constructing the specific project so as to receive competitive bids from reliable and qualified contractors. We assist with review of bids, verification of the required licensing and references to recommend a qualified contractor. We also assist by conducting pre-construction meetings to ensure that all safety and quality control monitoring plans are in order, permit requirements are understood, chain of command is established for both communication and any change orders that may ensue due to field conditions. Such management is just as important as the construction aspects of a project to ultimately achieve the highest quality results while working safely and efficiently from start to finish.